Feb 26, 2014

Food in Rome, and a great variety of recipes for the exclusive cooking classAt last also Rome has its own cooking class.

One of our bilingual drivers will come to pick you up from the lobby of your hotel at a previusly agreed meeting time.

We have created this spectacular cooking class tour in collaboration with a well known Roman restaurant.
Only a few minutes from the Vatican, but not in the normal turist centre of the city, this restaurant normally serves local residents and has a large and luminous dining room and kitchen.
The chef, Daniela, owner of the restaurant with Valeria, will welcome her guests and conduct the lessons in perfect English. She will be teaching different recipes during the lesson.
First of all you will learn to make different kinds of bread.
Then Daniela will show you how to make "gnocchi di patate" from scratch, with different kinds of sauces, followed by the popular Roman dish "Ox tail" with celery. Remember that this is just a basic menu that you will work on, but for particular requests or tastes we can even change the dishes at your own pleasure. The important thing is that all dishes are easy to cook, true Roman ones and mainly the ingridients that you are going to use in your cooking section can be found also overseas.
As you can immagine these are the main dishes of the Roman kitchen.
Last but not least, you will be shown how to make some of the best known desserts of the Italian cuisine.
The top of the list will be " Tiramisù ".
When the lesson finishes, around two and a half hours, Valeria will take you into the dining area and you will be served the food that you have just prepared.
This is probably the first cooking class of its kind and therefore we are proud to be able to offer this service to you hoping it will be to your liking.