Jan 02, 2015

This is a tipical dish from Romagna, the region which, together with Emilia, gave birth to Bolognaise sauce and many other famous dishes.Romagna has gained the nickname "the greedy" partly for its famous receipes and partly because its inhabitants are great lovers of good food.So let's go and see this unusual dish which is not normally found in restaurants.Prepare a large pot of clear chicken soup with:chicken, boiled beef,carrot,celery, onion and a little tomatoe puree, cook til l meat is ready, separate meat from soup.In a large bowl, place 300 gr. of grated parmisan, 200 gr. of grated bread, some grated nutmeg, grated lemon skin, salt and pepper and 3 eggs.Mix together with your hands untill emalgamated and you have a firm, but moist, ball of pasta.Bring soup to the boil and, using a potato masher with large holes, press the pasta through the holes of the masher putting a little at a time into the soup, wait until the small spaghetti like pasta floats to top, switch off the heat and leave for a few minutes.The passatelli are ready. Serve on a deep plate and add grated parmisan if you like.What about the boiled chicken and meat ? Of course you will serve it with the"green sauce"!But that is another receipe. Keep watching.