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Mar 03, 2014

the femail popeThe legend of Pope Joan was first told by the poet Marion Scot in the year 1028, and later by Boccaccio and Platina.

It tells of a young girl in England who had a great desire to learn to read and write, something unheard of during the middle ages.
The girl's name was Joan and her desire to learn was so great that, after a family arguement on the subject, she decided to run away from home.
She knew that wherever she went she wouldn't be allowed to learn, so, she dressed as a boy, changed her name to John and began to travel around Europe.
She found refuge in a monastary where she was welcomed and settled in so well that she eventually became a priest.
Young John was so good at literature and theology that, in a short time he began his ascent to the high gerarchy.
First he became a Priest, then a  Bishop, Archbishop and finally Cardinal, and after the death of Popo Leo IV (855) he  was elected Pope.
The same legend says that he assumed the name of John XXIII 
He reigned for more than 2 years and during this time no-one doubted his real identity.
But, according to Boccaccio," the devel put his hand in, and the pure young English girl was filled with lust ".
To make a long story short, the Pope fell in love with a young priest and, from their union, she became pregnant.
In the months that followed she was able to hide this fact,  but not the actual birth.
During a procession to the Basilica of St John in Lateran, on the road between  the Colloseum and St Clements, the first contractions began.
When the pilgrims and the elders of the church realized what was happening they ran away in horror, and when they returned, John,  the young Pope, had disappeared.
The above story, up to this point, is ofcourse a legend: 
From that time on however, until the end of the 1500's,  every Pope who was elected was obliged to sit on a marble seat with a hole in the centre and open on all sides,this was to allow the Cardinals to check that everything was how it should be before the actual crowning.
This seat was called the " stercoraria " seat and  can be seen in the closter inside the Basilica of St John in lateran in Rome.