Pisa and Lucca

Guests who have visited Florence previously and are looking for a truly memorable and exceptional excursion will find that this tour fits the bill. 
A 30 minute drive from Livorno in the heart of one of Italy's richest agricultural regions will take you to Lucca.
This city is one of Tuscany's well kept secret.
The picturesque fortress town is steeped in history; it was here that Caesar, Pompeii and Crassus agreed to rule Rome as a triumvirate in 56 B.C.
Later Lucca was the first town that accepted Christianity.
In the middle ages the city fell to Florence and during the French invasion Napoleon made Lucca a Municipality and gave it to his sister Elisa whose name is still connected with a number of buildings and sites.
Together with Lucca it is perfect to' consider a stop in Pisa too.
The Square of the Miracles is the place for you.
In this square Pisa's 3 stunning monuments are located: The Duomo, the Baptistery, and the leaning tower, which is one of the most photographed landmarks in Italy.
Pisa was once a famous sea-trading republic and an archrival of nearby Genoa.
Infact the Cathedral was begun in 1063 to commemorate the Pisan's victory over the Saracens in Sicily that year.
The leaning tower was originally designed as a bell to the Cathedral.
It was begun in 1174 and finally finished in 1350.
Unless modern engineering can halt it's tilt it is leaning 16 feet out of it's perpendicular) experts speculate that the structure will collapse in the next 2 centuries.

For groups larger than 8 a city tax check point will be added for the bus entrance to Florence for ( 195.00 euro ) Pisa ( 90.00 euro) Siena (100.00 euro) San Gimignano (60.00 euro) Lucca 35.00 euro


  • to dress respectfully for the visit to religious buildings: knees and shoulders covered;
  • to take with you comfortable walking shoes if possible;
  • to keep an eye on your wallet; it is recommended not to wear precious jewelry or large amount of cash;


  • Price DOES NOT include neither lunch nor entrance fees.
  • The tours from the port of Livorno can also be done from the port of La Spezia, but from there the price will be 100 Euros higher.

Note that the driver will not enter sites but will give running commentaries of what you are seeing The vehicle will escort you for the entire tour .Walking is limited unlike bus tour where you have to walk the whole day.


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